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>>> Rules on How to Play: Baccarat Instructions <<<

Main Points

  1. The highest point value any hand can have is nine points
  2. You must bet on who you think will win (The Bank or The Player) or if there will be a tie
  3. Naturals (sums of eight or nine) beat anything, except another natural, which would then be a tie or the winner would be the one with the nine value
  4. North American Baccarat is the most common one played in casinos

Basic Instructions (North American Baccarat)

Prior to any cards being dealt, you must decide who is going to win and bet on them.

Once all bets are placed, The Player and The Banker are each dealt two cards face down. (Usually it is dealt in the every-other-one fashion.)

Their goal is to try to get a 9 (natural) with the first two cards so that they can "Stand". Anything adding to or being a "ten" will give them zero points (a.k.a. a "baccarat"); which may make them lose, if they get draw a third card and it is also a "ten" or makes the total become ten.

To know how the cards add up, check out the following table:

North American Baccarat Card Values
Card Type Card Value
2-9 Face Value
10, J, Q, K Zero
Ace One

Now that you know what they are worth, the following rules will apply.
  • Player: Gets a third card, if their cards add up to 0-5
  • Player: Stands if their cards add up to 6-7
  • Banker: if The Player has a 2 or 3, draw if they have 0-4, and stand at 5-7
  • Banker: if The Player has a 4 or 5, draw if they have 0-5, and stand at 6 or 7
  • Banker: if The Player has a 6 or 7, draw if they have 0-6, and stand at 7
  • Banker: if The Player has a 8, draw if they have 0-2, and stand at 3-7
  • Banker: if The Player has an Ace, 9, 10 or face card, draw at 0-3 and stand at 4-7

This is a complex game because you need to understand how someone can win and then bet on which party will win in order to win yourself.

Here is an example to make it a bit clearer:
You place your bet on The Player.

Cards are dealt and they receive a 3,1. The Banker receives J,2.

According to the game rules, The Player and The Banker will each get a third card. The Player draws another 3, giving him a total of (3+1+3=)7. The Banker receives a 8, giving them a total value of (0+2+8=10=)zero.

Notice that when The Banker's third card value was added to his standing value of 2, it made it a 10 which is worth zero, and that is why The Player ends up with the high hand and you win for betting on them!

If you bet on The Player and they win, you get 2:1.

Winning bets on The Banker pays you 2:1 with a subtraction of 5% commission for The Banker.

Tie bets are paid out at 9:1 if you bet on them, and if you didn't bet on them, your original wager is returned to you.

Progressive Baccarat

In the instance that you select to play Progressive Baccarat, in order to have the chance to win the jackpot, you must place a bet on the progressive option and win the hand that you bet on.

Like many online casino games, baccarat is a game of luck and chance and you needn't have any true skill outside of guessing in order to play it successfully.

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