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Flamingo Club Casino

When it comes to casinos, there's nothing better than finding ones that have unique specialty games like those at Playtech Online Casinos!

They have your standard specialty games like Keno and Bingo and more specialized ones like Dolphin Paradise Pachinko or Derby Day's virtual racing game.

We've done the research for you, so now all you need to do is take a look below and decide which of their best ones you would like to play:

Arcade Casino Games

One of our favorite Playtech arcade casino games is "Spin A Win". It has always been a big winner for us and, as long as you understand probabilities and bet your money right, it's going to be a big winner for you too!

Asian Casino Games

Mahjong - Since there are a few styles of casino Mahjong, we would suggest that you try out the "Solo Japanese Mahjong" game first. It is fairly easy to understand and you can always go up for there! All you have to do is select your bet and then click on "New Game" A row of tiles will be dealt to you and there will be tiles above them that are face down. With three tries to find another tile that will make a hand with the tiles that get shown at the bottom of the screen, you're luck should be great!.

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko - Select the amount that you would like each ball to be worth and then click "play". If a ball lands in the start, a mini-game will be triggered and you can win even more money! Definitely an Asian Game original, it takes some playing to get used to the ways that you can win, but you can always start out betting the small amounts and work your way up until you do.


These two games are very similar in the fact that you need to get the right numbers. They can both give you massive payouts when you win as well!

In "Keno, you have the option of selecting up to 10 numbers that you think the random number generator will pick. Depending on the amount of numbers you guess correctly, you could win up to 10,000 times your bet!

Pop Bingo can have you win up to $100,000 in cash! All you have to do is find a lucky card to play on and you could be sitting on a super nice retirement fund...

You can find all of these great specialty games at Flamingo Club Casino.

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