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Depending on the casino, you may find all of the games that don't qualify as slots or video poker tossed in with the table games section.

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There are many different types of casino games for you to play at most casinos, but what we really like is to see the ones that you don't really see everywhere else available with the more common ones. It gives you a nicer variety, don't you think? We do!

To keep things simple for you, click on the type of Playtech table game you are looking for more information about below and we'll take you to it....

Game Options

With so many fantastic game options, there is no need for you to look anywhere else if you're looking for online casino table games!


Baccarat - This is a great Asian casino game with standard rules and fantastic possibilities!
Progressive Baccarat - Why not play with a possibility of getting a jackpot? It would be a really good thing to get in addition to all the other winnings you will receive while playing Playtech online casinos' baccarat....

[Rules on How to Play: Baccarat Instructions]


Lucky Blackjack - This is a new one for Playtech Online Casinos! Instead of having to decides if you should take a risk and hit again, you get to guess what number the cards will end up with. Remember, a blackjack rules!
Pontoon - It's basically the English version of blackjack. Your goal is "21", but they call it "Pontoon.
21 Duel Blackjack - Take blackjack to a higher level with "21 Duel Blackjack! You're going to love this version.
Blackjack Surrender - Do you ever get tired of losing all of your bet when you just know that you are going to not get a good hand, no matter what you do? In "Blackjack Surrender" you don't have to! If the dealer gets an Ace for their face-up card and you think that they might have a blackjack, you can't surrender and keep half of your original bet!
Progressive Blackjack - The classic game with the option of a jackpot for those of you lucky winners....

[Rules on How to Play: Blackjack Instructions (including variations)]


Craps - Do you get confused by this game? We used to, but if you read through the instructions, it will make a lot more sense. A simple explanation is that you are either betting against or with two dice roll equaling seven. If it's your lucky number, this would be a good game for you to try.

[Rules on How to Play: Craps Instructions]

Sic Bo - Three dice = sooo nice! With so many bets to be placed and won, there is something here for everyone!

[Rules on How to Play: Sic Bo Instructions]

Other Card Games

Wild Viking - If your a strong winner of Royal Flushes and you like progressive jackpots, this game is going to be right up your alley!

[Rules on How to Play: Wild Viking Instructions]

Casino War - A classic game that you probably mastered as a child now allows you to use that knowledge to make yourself a lot of money....

[Rules on How to Play: Casino War Instructions]

Red Dog - If you're good at the guessing games, then you don't want to miss this one! What will the next card bring your wallet?

[Rules on How to Play: Red Dog Instructions]

Stravaganza - When you're bored of the old games and looking to try something new, Stravaganza is going to be there for you. It is catching on, but not many casinos have it, like Playtech online casinos do, yet. Any fans of three-card-poker games should get this one fairly easy.

[Rules on How to Play: Stravaganza Instructions]


Poker Three - Speaking of three-card-poker games, Playtech has those too!
Casino Hold Em - Fold them, hold them, raise another bet! Get the best hand and you'll be set!
Tequila Poker - This one is not one that you hear of very often, but it works in two ways, you can play it as blackjack with two cards, or you can play it as a poker hand and get a third. Which will you do?
Let Them Ride - We hope you have a good community when it comes to "Let Them Ride" because you'll want a great hand more than ever in this game of cards!
Caribbean Stud Poker - Do you ever feel like you need a vacation? Well if you find that you're good at this Playtech poker game, you'll be able to afford that trip to its namesake....

[Rules on How to Play: Poker Instructions (including variations)]


Roulette Pro - The name says it all, so you just need to go play it.
French Roulette - You can place a neighbor bet, you can place announce bets, you can place the ones that remind you of the good times, and the ones that remind you of the best times!
European Roulette - Almost North American, but less betting options without the extra zero. Easy to play and easy to break even or profit.
Premium American Roulette - Premium is supposed to mean better, right? Well the wagers are higher and the payouts are greater. Play by their rules and they'll make sure that you get the roulette payouts that you deserve!

[Rules on How to Play: Roulette Instructions (including variations)]

When you've made your way through these ones, you can always try the other speciality games or the video slots!

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