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Main Points

  1. Wild Viking is played with a full deck of cards (52) and two jokers
  2. The easiest way to describe the game is to tell you that it is a mixture of poker and roulette
  3. This is a progressive game
  4. It has a huge possible payout of up to 1250:1 for those lucky enough to score Wild Viking
  5. Jokers are wild
  6. A Wild Viking is another name for a Royal Flush that substitutes both the 1st and 5th cards with jokers

Basic Instructions

Wild Viking is played in a similar manner to a classic roulette game, in which you have the ability to place multiple bets, all at the same time, on what the outcome of one hand of cards will be.

At the top of the table, you have the chance to bet on poker hands (straight, pair, flush, etc.). In order to receive a payout from a poker bet, the cards laid out must be equal to or greater than what your bet is.

An additional side bet is available for the progressive jackpot. You will need to click on the chip slot icon at the top of the table so that the red light turns green. The standard progressive payout is $1 for anything that is worth three-of-a-kind or higher. (The remaining jackpot will be awarded only to the lucky winner of a Wild Viking that has also bet on the progressive.)

To place a roulette style bet in the middle of the table, you'll be betting on what the 5th card ends up being from the poker bets section. The betting options include betting on columns, corners and touching squares, just as they would in roulette. All payouts can be seen at the bottom of the screen by hovering over the area that you want to bet on.

At the bottom of the table, you will find a section for all other roulette style bets. This area will also contain the option for you to place a "Wild Viking" bet. You can bet on numbers (or letters), black or red and odd or evens, just as you would at a classic roulette table. You can also bet on one of the Joker cards as a single card bet. This is the most popular section after the poker bets because your odds are less on the generalized bets and can soar up to that 1250:1 if you happen to win the Wild Viking!

Once all bets are placed, five cards will be shown face up on the table and all winning bets made will then be paid out as per the payout table they were given.

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