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Casino Tropez

Do you remember the group that purchased Britney Spears' pregnancy test? What about the people that bought the Jesus Pierogi or the grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it?

Have you seen the story of the lady that had her forehead permanently tattooed with this same company's web address?

We know you remember the naked people running out onto the sports fields with the advertisement painted on their bodies....

If you remember these crazy marketing stunts and the casino that goes with them, then Casino Tropez has done their job!

The point to all of this is they want you to know that they are not just another online casino that offers great Playtech casino games. Casino Tropez stands up and stands proud to provide you with 24/7 customer service and as much support as you can handle.

If you think about it, many casinos out there are content to stay quiet and just like every other casino that caters with the same software, but not Casino Tropez! They want you to be psyched and full of energy when it comes to playing at their casino. They want you to want to try your luck with the slots or their live poker rooms and specialty games. They want you to know that you can trust them with your personal information and not have to be worried that it might be sold to third parties spammers like several other casinos may do with it.

Why should you choose Casino Tropez?

Well, other than the fact that it is quite obvious that they will spend money for yours and the rest of the world's enjoyment, they have been around for over a decade and are considered to be one of the most well respected casinos out there, whether you are looking at the ones that peddle the Playtech casino software or not.

You get over 100 casino games to choose from, including live poker rooms and video slots. You get unique specialty games that we haven't seen with any other software provider. You also get their live chat or toll-free customer service available whenever you may need them. What more could you ask for?

How about an online casino that gives back to it's community worldwide? Guess what, that's exactly what this one does as well!

Now that you know our reasons for thinking so highly of Casino Tropez to have it be our featured casino, go check it out!

We're quite certain that you will discover many more reasons to make it one of your favorite Playtech online casinos....

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