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Main Points

  1. The ultimate goal is to have the sum total of your three possible cards be greater than that of the dealer's
  2. Stravaganza is played with five decks of cards
  3. The main focus is on the card values, with a secondary focus on the type for a possible bonus
  4. You may place up to two bets, with the option of a side bet for the Stravaganza progressive jackpot

Basic Instructions

Place your bet and select "Deal".

You will be dealt two face-up cards and the dealer will be dealt three face-down cards.

Determine the value of your cards by the following table:

Stravaganza Card Values
Card Type Value
#s 2-10 Equal to # value
Face Cards 10 points
Aces 1 point

Now that you know what your hand is worth, you will have to decide which of the following actions you want to take, and remember that the goal is to get a hand that's total is greater than that of the dealer's!
  • If the sum of your two cards is equal to or less than five, you can get your full bet back and try it again by clicking on "Money Back"
  • In the instance that your cards are worth six to nine points, you can do a "Rescue Bet" and get half of your bet back so that you can try it again
  • For all card sums worth ten or more, if you are comfortable with them, you can choose to "Sit" which will allow you to continue playing with just the two cards and your original bet
  • Should you like your chances of winning (no matter what the total value is) you can elect to "Play On" and place a second bet with the same value as the first and receive a third and final card to add to your total

The dealers cards will then be shown. As long as your cards' values add up to greater than those of the dealer's, you will win 1:1 per bet, unlees one of these cases were to prove true:

  1. If the dealer's first card is a red ace, you lose your first bet, but you get your second, if you made one, back
  2. If the dealer's second or third card is a red ace, you lose both bets
  3. If the dealer were to have all red aces, you would lose both bets
In all of the cases states above, the total sum of your cards versus the dealer's in order to win would not be applicable.

More Helpful Info!

You are able to receive additional bonus winnings on a three card hand if you get all face cards (get 3x your original bet) or three-of-a-kind (get 1.5x your original bet).

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you must get three King of Hearts. If you do select the progressive side bet, you will want to check the progressize paytable to see what the jackpot value is at the Playtech online casino that you are at is worth!

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