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If you played cards when you were little, "War" was probably one of the first games you learned to play and it is still similar in many ways, but now you can bet on the outcome and win money for it via Playtech Online Casinos "Casino War".

Main Points

  1. The goal is to have a larger hand than the dealer
  2. If you bet on a tie and win, it pays 10:1
  3. This game is played with six decks
  4. "War" can only be selected if the first card that is dealt ties with the dealers
  5. All card values are the same as their poker equivalents (i.e. Ace is high, then King, Queen, Jack, 10, etc.)

Basic Instructions

Select what bet amount you would like to place, or if you want to place a bet on a tie (pays 10:1 if you win!) and then click on "Deal".

You will be dealt one card, face-up and the dealer will be dealt one card.

If your card is larger than the dealers, you automatically win and if it is smaller, the dealer wins.

When the cards are equal to each other, then you have the opportunity to raise your bet and go to war with the dealer or you can elect to lose half of your bet and try it again by selecting "Surrender".

In the instance that you do win the war, you will win equal (1:1) on the raise and get both of your bets back. Should it be a tie again, you will get both of your bets back and neither of you will win.

Bring on the war at Grand Online Casino!

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