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Main Points

  1. This is game is played with three die
  2. There is a total of seven types of bets you can place
  3. You may place multiple bets per roll
  4. Other names or variants for Sic Bo are "Chuck-a-Luck" (English), "dai siu" or "dai sai" (Chinese for "Big and Small"), "Grand Hazard" (English) and "Hi-lo" (Philippines)

Basic Instructions

Although the board layout may be the same for most casinos, the payouts will differ; however, you're in luck because Playtech online casinos will have all the same payouts as the ones listed below!

Sic Bo is played at a special Sic Bo table that lights up to show what the die roll combinations are. If you have placed a bet on the table and lights appear under your bet after the die roll, congratulations, you're a winner!

The top row of the table gives you the betting options of multiples, i.e. doubles and triples. The amount of the payout should always be located next to the betting numbers, i.e. doubles on one will payout at 1:10.

The second row allows you to bet on sums of 4 to 17 or "Big and Small". If you bet the "big" or "small" selections, the payout is 1:1. However, if you are willing to give a better gamble to get a bigger payout, you can bet on a specific sum. The rarer numbers (i.e. 4 and 17) are worth the most and the mid-range are 1:6 or higher. A "small" bet is any unspecified sum with a value of 4-10. "Big" bets are any of the totals from 11 through 17. (Note that any triples rolled whilst betting here will make you automatically lose the bet placed in this section.)

Next is the third row (second from the bottom). Here you can bet on combinations of any two die that are not doubles. The payout is five to one. An example would be to bet that one of the three die will be a 4 and another will be a 6.

The bottom and last row allows you to bet a the possibility of getting one specific number. It pays 1:1 for a show of one, 1:2 for two and 1:3 on three.

If you like the bets that you are making but would like to add to them, you can choose the "rebet" option to place the same bet that you have just made and then select any additional ones before clicking on "roll" to see how your luck went. If you just want to keep the same bet going, you can continue to just click on "roll".

The seven possible bet types are:
  1. Big and Small
  2. A specific sum from 4-17
  3. Unspecified Triples (any) or Unspecified Doubles (1-3 or 4-6)
  4. Specified Triples or Doubles
  5. Any pair that is not a double
  6. A single number
Below you can see an example of what a 4 and 6 pair bet would look like.

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